Reflection 15: Exam Day!

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.

How you’re doing? Well, i hope you’re doing fine.
As for me, i think i’m doing good. Just Good. Why?
It simply because the exam is around the corner.
I mean, only a few hours. (<24hours) but still i am nervous.
Because, we don’t know exactly what chapter or topic will the questions cover.
However, Dr Rosseni and our teaching assistants , Kak Ana, Bro Fuad and Mr Helmi did
tell us that final exam will be cover of what we have learned
through out the semester
, including our project, video production.
Well, if that so, possibly the Adobe Photoshop, Windows Movie Marker things
will pop outin the questions. Well, guess so. And hope so.
“Its simply what we have learned and applied for making the video project.”
According to what Kak Ana said the last time we have a class together.

So, as my preparation for the final, i have went through all of my reflections
for previous weeks and tries to remember what i have learned in the class.
Every single things, If possible.
Apart from that,  i also asked Mr Google to help me get a better understanding
regarding the things that i was not so sure. For instances, Adobe Photoshop.
Well, i rarely use this application. Or to be exact, never before and only
learned to use it when i enrolled this course. SO, i was not so close with it.
In order to be clear about the functions etc, i have to ask Uncle Google
and explore it then.
Perhaps, the questions will be about the functions or uses/application?
Who knows.Well, at least that is one of my alternative
to study for exam since we did not have any note or slide.

So, for all Teslians and those who are gonna sit for their exam,
i sincerely wish all of you best of luck!

All the best my dear!

All the best my dear!

That’s all from me.
Till meet again. Take Care 🙂



Reflection 14 (Part II) : Real Edutechnovation Day

Assalamualaikum and hello guys.

Continuation from the first part.
As for last Friday’s class, i will share something regarding our
Edutechnovation Day, 
i mean the real one.
Basically, it was just the same as last week except for we have printed
our poster and displayed it on the wall. Same goes to the storyboards.
Then, there were some of our kind 3rd senior which attended our Edutechnovation Day.
They were so supportive coming to our “show”.
However, one of our ladies. Nurul Fatihah was absent due to fever.
So, we just presented our video with the rest of us. Well, actually we did feel
sad because Nurul  could not be together on such a “big day” for our group.
But, at the same time we pitied her because she’s not well.

The presentation went well and just like the previous week,
we have to vote for each of the group presentations.
Unfortunately, LadiesProduction has a scale for “1”.
We are the only team that got “1” scale.
So, all of us, did not put a high hope to get the first three places.

However, when the result was announced i was so shocked when our group
won the second runner up for the video presentation.
OMG, we never expected that.

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah for giving us such reward.
Unluckily, Nurul was not here to celebrate our success together.


Ladies Production


2nd runner up with Dr Rosseni, kak Ana, Bro Fuad and Mr Helmi


The poster




incomplete LadiesProduction w/o Nurul

So, is our video.

Well, actually we are supposed to do our “One Minute Pitch”
in which we will share some sort of reflection in one minute regarding  our video production.
However, due to some technical reasons,we will just record our
“One Minute Pitch”, make it into a video and post it in our blog.
Okay, done for the pitch. Then, we’ll proceed to the real Edutechnovation Day.

so, here is my “One Minute Pitch” for Edutechno class.

owh, btw this is my introductory video. hehe..

That’s all from me.
Till meet again, take care. 🙂

Reflection 14 (Part I) : Edutechnovation II

Assalamualaikum . Hola. Anyong.

Whassup guys. He he. Hope you’re doing well.
Especially for those who are having their holidays.
For this post, i would like to share with you about my second shooting of the video.
Owh, i mean the re-shooting the flashback scene.
For this time, i asked Dr first of how we should do w/ our video.
She gave us some guidance regarding the appropriate and suitable attires for our
video and some ideas of the setting.
So, today….me, Nurul, Liyana and our special actor,
Mr Zaki went out for a shooting.

Aqilah was absent due to some reasons, in which she went to Kuantan, Pahang
to be  a volunteer for the flood victim program.
















By following Dr advises, we went to Taman Pantun aka Istana Kelantan
but unfortunately they still close it for some reasons.
So, we have to go somewhere else to shoot our scene.
We decided on Putrajaya Botanical Garden, again, and search for a better place
and suitable setting for shooting.
However, we found none.Again, we have to change our place.
Owh, i felt so disappointed and frustrated because of this things. 😦
Finally, Mr Zaki aka our big brother suggested to go to Taman Warisan Pertanian.


Tok Ketua aka Bapak’s house.








Dusun Taman Warisan Pertanian.









Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah. We finally found a place for shooting the flashback scene.
According to the guard at the Taman Warisan,there is a place,
on the hill  that will be very suitable for us.
She suggested to go there to do the scene.
Well, sounds great and we really looked  forward for it.
However, the road to get there was not as easy as it looks,
under the blazing sun, pergh..

Okay, enough of this. Well, we finally found it and started preparing things for the scene.

Since it will be closed at 5.30pm, we went to filming set immediately.. XD
As time passes by, its already 5.40 when two young man (guards) came
and told us to pack our thing. That’s it.
But, we still not finished shoot the last part of Zaki and Nurul.
OMG, what should we do. we did try to nego w/ them to buy some time
but they firmly told us that they already closed they gate.
Hey, its a big problem for us then. OH NO!

After a small and quick discussion,
we  made  a decision to finish it somewhere around Taman Warisan entrance.
Alhamdulillah, we managed to film it and i really hope that Dr will accept our video/ scene this time.
That’s it, The end of our shooting.
Tonight is gonna be an editing session.
May Allah ease our work. 🙂

So, i really hope the best for
this upcoming Friday.
Hope our group poster and video will be accepted during the
EduTechnovation Day Part II.

That’s all from me.
Till meet again.Take Care. 🙂

Reflection 13: EduTechnovation Day

Assalamualaikum and Hi uols.

Is everyone in a good condition?
Well, i hope so. =)

Its week 13 now! So what does mean? Of course our Edu Technovation Day!
A very big day for me and the crews of LadiesProdcution.
We are going to present our video in the class
(in few hours more) after 13 week working so hard on it.
So, for sure we hope for the best and i REALLYYYY wish that this will be the last night i spent working on EduTechno video ever again.
I have been spent many sleepless days and i believe that most of my classmates are the same. Thing that i have never done before, well first time in many years that i never got a chance to sleep in order to finish and finalize the video.
Despite the fact that i really concern and strict about my bedtime.
oh oh..out of topic already. Now, come back to your sense sya. hehe.

owh, well this evening Nurul and i went to Dr Rosseni’s room to take our storyboard.
Why?Because we had to fix it back since our story line has changed.
So, the story board cannot be accepted anymore.
OKay, this is a great news :'(.
so, me and the other 3 ladies ended ep at Kolej Ungku Omar to finish up our story board.
Well, frankly speaking it is quite troublesome to do it again,
carrying around the big black thing .
But, at last around 6pm we finally completed our storyboard.
Alhamdulillah. Now, we can focus for the rest of the video production
and see either we have to edit it again or not.

at night+in the middle of night+malam2 buta.

AT this hour, i believe many of us feel stress and so tired working on this over and over again, cutting, adding, fixing, changing ,finalizing and etc the poster and video.
Yes, so do i. As for my group, i am in charge of the poster while Nurul and Liyana are in charge of the video as well as Aqilah is responsible for the group blog.
Well, it is easy to create a poster but it is HARD to come out with a GOOD poster.
indeed. I am actually feeling tired and the headache is getting into me.
Yet i have to finish the tasks not only for Edu Techno but also provide a lesson plan for tomorrow T&L process and at the same time  prepare a slide for Kelas Pendidikan Usahawan tomorrow. What a great work sya.
Sokey, keep calm and pray for Him to make things easier for you. 🙂
Not long after that, LIyana told me Mr Helmi want us to present our 7min video
whereas we are supposed to be presenting the 5min video.
So, there’s the conflict. After some “discussion” and consultation from Dr Rosseni herself,
Kak Ana and Mr Helmi, we decided on 7min video.
But there are some problem with the 7min video in of the audio and msg
regarding to what Dr commented. But, we didnt have time to edit it again since it was decided in the very very very very last minute.


This morning at class, i felt so nervous.
My hands cold and sweat, my body wiggled.
Wondering whose first is going to present.
Tadaaa..and guess what?
At last, it was my group, LadiesProduction to be presented our video.
During the presentation, we didn’t do our best.
Yeah, think so. If not, i did think so for myself. Its not my best.
Because i suddenly became speechless, froze.
as i watched our video. I felt that, how bad must it be for our group
to be in this state. sigh.

and then , the  video presentation continued with others groups.
OMG, theirs were so great! Very good videos. Indeed.
As we watched other group presentations, we need to vote for them ,
what scale should we give (1-4, not okay-excellent) by the end of each group presentation.
rasa macam dalam AF je XD.
Our presentation ended around one hour and ten minutes later.
After that, EduTechnovation Day is proceeded by Dr Rosseni comments in the video
for each groups.
And as for us, we need to react or re shoot the flashback scene as Zaki’s attire was not suitable and the background was not really authentic.
So, if we want an A, we MUST do the scene AGAIN.
okay, goodm great.
Looks like we never have a break from this things.
I really felt disappointed, i knew my members as well felt the same.
But i believe, everything that happen, there’s a reason for it.
So, AGAIN let’s make a new scene/ 🙂


be patient

Till meet again.
Take care.

Reflection 12 : Video Inspection =)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.


whatcha doin’? hope you’re doing great. ^__^

Let’s continue with my reflection for this week class.
As you all know, we have struggled to produce a good video for this subject.
So, this week is the time for the lecturer and our teaching assistants to give some sort of
“motivation for us”.
Well, yeah..when it comes to motivation, am sure most of us are sick w/ it.
kinda  tired and annoy to listen to someone’s nagging at us.
But, let’s think about it..perhaps we have done something wrong
in which someone has to nag so that we realize it. must be thinking and wondering why am i talking about nagging here rite?
So, lemme tell you something. I mean let me get to the point.
For this week reflection, we have been given some sort of “special talk”
from our beloved lecturer Dr Rosseni
regarding our attitude, effort, work etc on this subject.
We are told that, we not doing good or in other word we are doing BAD.
sad, surprised and disappointed of course.
Dr Rosseni said that we are not giving our best in doing our works.
Eg. in updating the individual blogs and group blogs.
At this time, i began to doubt, what is the point of having an individual blog
if what we write in the blog is the thing that we made up in order to fulfill the lecture’s request?
what we write in our blog is a forceful effort because we wanted the marks so badly.
But, Dr Rosseni said that, we were asked to do so because that’s how this course is designed.
Moreover, we didn’t have a mid term and our final only cover 30% from our total mark.
So, the mark is being given to the individual blog.
According to Dr, we need to keep updating our blog because
that’s the only way she can keeps us on track
and knows the part where we don’t understand or stuck.
Therefore, she will know how to help us.
Plus, it is important to do the reflection so that she can improve the lesson, T&L and etc.

okay, well i accepted it. Maybe its true , we are supposed to be teach a lesson.

BUT, that’s is one thing.
Another thing is, i didn’t really agree w/the group blog because i find it didn’t help.
It is so, because we already create a Facebook group to put everything
that we have done for the video production.
Discussion. Progression.Questions. anything
and yet we still have to create a group blog to put up all of our progressions.
takpe la, just go with the flow. =)

Okay, that’s the end of our motivation slot.

Now, let’s move on to the video inspection slot. hehehe.
Well, this week is the week where we MUST show a complete video
(100% done) to the lecture and our TAs,
Mr Helmi, Kak Ana and Bro Fuad.
They have watched our video and luckily we received a positive comment from them.
No need to cut anything and just add the credit ,starring and presented by. That’s all.
So glad to hear that, well, we feel like it worth since we have sacrificed our sleep time to stay up all night.

i think it is a good thing when the lecturer or TAs doing this
because we can know where should we fix, add or cut.
Plus, it can help us to improve (if needed) our presentation during EduTechnovation Day.

class dismissed when all of the group done showing their video to our TAs.

********************FEW HOURS LATER*************************************

We’ve got an announcement regarding our video and presentation things.
The announcement made our heart sank
because we need to FIX our video and make it LESS than 5min.
okay, that’s it.Don’t want to talk about it further.


well,i guessed that’s all for today.

till meet again.
take care. 🙂

Reflection 11 :Create a Poster

Assalamualaikum and hai again.

sya’s in the house. XD

well, for this week reflection i will talk about how we learned to make a “film” poster
using Adobe Photoshop CS5.


before that, i am going to tell uol about our group presentation which is supposed to be done last week.
Since this presentation is being counted for the mid term,
of course we were so nervous. VERY NERVOUS.
Alhamdulillah, the presentation went well.guessed so.
However, we do received some comments from Mr Helmi and Bro Fuad
regarding our introductory video.
We will do our best to improve it/ 🙂

Okay, now come back to out main topic. XP
Basically, the steps to make  a poster are similar to on how we want to edit a picture or image.
The only difference is, the theme of our poster must be suitable with the poster design.
From word/font, size chosen till the color of the font and image/s.
In short, everything must/should be appropriate and fit with the chosen topic or theme.
For example, as for us we chose Jawi script as our video theme,
thus we were advised by Mr Helmi not to use too much colors and fancy things in our poster.
It is so because as we know,
Jawi script is sort of historical-informative theme and kind of formal.
So, use of fancy colors and things are not suitable with it.

Okay,back to the topic.
First of all, we learned to make a random poster in order to get used to the things in the Photoshop.
We learned a new thing again using Photoshop,
on how to embed our own picture in the poster without the picture background.
It was quite hard , yet fun to learn those things.
Also, it wow because Adobe Photoshop can edit almost everything,
giving almost all effect and things that we want.
Such a great software, in’t it?
Hurm, looks like i will explore more on Adobe .
Maybe After Effect, Primere and etc.

I guessed learning to make a poster might be useful in the future.
Doesn’t matter either i use Adobe Photoshop,
Microsoft Power Point and etc.
What is important ,i now know how to apply the knowledge.
Perhaps, in my future undertaking as an educator,
i might as well need it to teach my students, to facilitate their learning and project.

and then, tadaaa….


hasil daripada Adobe Photoshop

more pictures to come!




Well, i have  lot of fun today by learning a new thing using Adobe Photoshop.
I now know how to trim another photo and put it on some other picture.
Then, i also learned on how to put/embed  our own picture into the poster.

Such a cool poster!
also, we did various effect in which could be apply on our video later.
And lastly, before we ended our class for today,
kak Ana had reminded us again about the video production.
Next week we are going to present the final video, a complete video.
So we should finished everything within a week and have it done by next class.
Whoa..a bundle of loads right?
But, i think we managed to finish it by next week
since we have not much left scenes to shoot.

So, stay tuned for next week update.
Till then take care.

Reflection 10 : Mid-Term Presentation

Assalamulaikum and holla guys.


Whoa,finally the time has come. hurm, time for?
well, lemme tell you. For this week, we have a “mid-term” presentation.
Why “mid-term”?
Because we will be given mark on this.
okay, fine. What are we gonna do for this week?
Well, we are going to show our video progression (at least 20% ready/complete) in the class.
also, we have to present some sort of video details
so that the audience esp Dr Rosseni, and our teaching assistants
Kak Ana, Mr Helmi and Bro Fuad so that they know what ours is all about .

here are the requirements need to be put in the slide.

  1. Video Objective
  2. Reasons for producing the video
  3. scenes
  4. video before and after
  5. expectation once video is finished


during class, we could see that the other teams progression are quite fast.
The others presentation were great.That’s made us feel a quite worried.
But i believe in my ladies. 🙂
Unfortunately,my group wasn’t able to present our progression
because one of my members wasn’t feeling well and absent. So, ours has been postponed to next week.
Honestly,i did feel quite disappointed
since all of us has spent the whole night to prepare for the presentation.
But, there’s nothing we can do. So, let’s hope the best for next week presentation.

so, what can i conclude from the other groups presentations are we must have a clear guideline
of what we are gonna do for the video. Also, it helps us to see clearly on how we work for it so far.

Let’s do the best for next week. Gambate and fighting Ladies!